Speed, efficiency and constant availability are the core of this Service.
The chance for people who turn to us to start working in Italy depends on the speed and efficiency in obtaining the Recognition. Our client’s possibility to obtain the Recognition while constantly remaining upgraded and assisted for any doubts, depends on the professionals’ willingness and availability and on the IT organisation developed by B.S.O. Studio Legale Associato Bartoloni Saint Omer.

In the knowledge that that during the procedure leading to the Recognition of education qualifications by the Italian competent authorities several problems – and not just bureaucratic – may quite often arise, Bartoloni Saint Omer offers assistance and advice to Italian citizens who obtained a professional qualification in a Member State of the European Union and wish to practice the related profession (such as, for instance, doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, speech therapist) in Italy.

Notably, a specific team of professionals provides a step by step assistance in achieving the Recognition of the Qualification, by taking care to obtain the necessary documentation and certificates from the foreign competent Authorities, as well as interacting with the Public Administrations and the other Italian and foreign Public Bodies, from time to time involved, until the Recognition is obtained.

Everything combining speed and efficiency, even through a tested and solid network of foreign correspondents for any fulfilment out of Italy.