Specialists are needed to deal adequately with litigation. The in-depth knowledge of the case and of the applicable rule are a vital pre-requisite for efficiently facing a trial. Attention to detail, strategy, determination, knowledge, and custom with the practices of the Courts can make the difference.

The teamwork and the Firm’s organization have allowed and allow rapid and effective responses to the emergency situations that may arise.

The Firm’s Professionals have performed and perform functions of Arbitrator and of Honorary Judge of the Court (Tribunale), thus providing a qualified and valuable experience of litigation “seen from the point of view of those who decide”.

Over the years, leading Italian Companies, important Business and Family Groups as well as notable Insurance Companies and Banking Institutions have been availed – and continue to avail – themselves of the litigation of Studio Legale Associato Bartoloni Saint Omer.

Professionals of the Firm perform the functions of “Court-appointed attorney” in bankruptcy proceedings.

Over the years, B.S.O. Studio Legale Bartoloni Saint Omer has dealt with delicate disputes in particular areas (liability actions of administrators, infringement of copyright, revocation of bankruptcy declarations), as well as the broader case series of ordinary and precautionary trials matters of its own specific competence.