Consultancy to – both Italian and foreign – Families and Private Individuals in the context of real estate law has its own peculiarities that clearly distinguish it from Business Consultancy (Real Estate for Companies). The Notary traditionally plays a central role within the framework of the Real Estate for Private Individuals. With respect to this professional figure, therefore, the intervention of the lawyer specialized in Real Estate Law is justified to the extent that he succeeds in creating a real added value.

In this respect, and with specific reference to Italian customers, Bartoloni Saint Omer is actually involved in the analysis of the overall personal and family assets; in its planning and reorganization; in the identification of the better placed instruments to achieve the objectives pursued; in tax advice; in the decisive phase of negotiation and contractualisation. Trust and other recent institutions of our legal system are frequently used in their most diverse potential.

With regard to foreign customers, the particular international experience of Bartoloni Saint Omer allows him to be well aware of their expectations and fears and to be able to clarify aspects of similarity and diversity with home countries. In addition to the above-mentioned services offered to Italian clients, Bartoloni Saint Omer provides foreign customers with an established and selected network, composed of professionals and consultants acting in related sectors which are often needed by foreign people.

Among the practice areas of B.S.O. Studio Legale Associato Bartoloni Saint Omer: Purchase agreements and related Preliminary Contracts, Trust, Contracts, Commercial or Housing Leases, Mortgages and other financing contracts, Management of spaces, Rent to bay, Leasing, Sales Volume, Urban analysis, Purchases from Real Estate Executions and/or from Bankruptcies, Contractualisation of relationships with Estate Agencies, Repayment schedules and other negotiations with Credit Institutions.