Corporate Law is a “transversal” right which cuts across all the areas of expression of business activities. On the one hand, internal areas related to business organization, management of the staff as well as relationships with Agents, Representatives and Consultants. On the other hand, outside areas concerning business expansion, contractualisation of commercial relations, protection of trademarks and patents, dealings with Suppliers, Insurers and Credit Institutions and Public Bodies.
Corporate Law covers several areas which are partly common to each Company (whether industrial or service) and partly typical of the company asking for legal advice.

Bartoloni Saint Omer provides companies with a real service of “Internal Law Firm in Outsourcing”, with lowers costs and greater experience and quality stemming from the large number of cases and the several experts involved.

Several goals: development of business value by means of complete, targeted and updated contracts; drastic reduction of litigation; use of the most modern tax and legal Instruments; ongoing monitoring and updating of contractualisation with all the company’s members; development of business projects alongside the entrepreneur.
Lastly, Bartoloni Saint Omer aims to provide companies with consulting services which actually represent the key element of the Company’s growth and competitiveness.
More recently, corporate debt and credit management have become crucial themes for companies. Bartoloni Saint Omer employs specialists in both fields. In this regard, BSO Studio Legale developed a “Protocol for credit management” which has become a corporate asset for its clients, capable of drastically reducing non-performing loans.
Studio Legale Bartoloni Saint Omer’s professionals perform functions of Member of the Supervisory Body under D. Lgs. 231/2001 (administrative responsibility of Crime).