Appropriate insurance coverage of risks connected to professional or business activities is essential.

Negotiation and development of insurance Policies tailored to the particular features of their activity and the associated risks can make the difference.
Bartoloni Saint Omer has been working for many years with some of the most important Italian and European insurance groups. As trustee, he has handled disputes concerning many different profiles of the varied and growing scope of the Compensation for Damages to people and property.

In order to be able to carry out his role as a trustee, Bartoloni Saint Omer has recourse to highly specialized professionals capable of providing the most qualified assistance even to the counterparties to the Insurance Companies.

Direct knowledge of the internal issues of the Insurance Companies’ Office for the Payment, network of technical consultants at the highest level established over time and several cases in court proceedings and out-of-court procedures, make the professionals of Bartoloni Saint Omer Studio Legale particularly qualified, firstly, for negotiating appropriate insurance coverages on behalf of their clients, secondly, for supporting them in the negotiation with the Insurance Companies with regard to possible interpretative and applicative problems stemming from insurance policy and, finally, for achieving a full and satisfactory compensation damages arising out of contracts or unlawful acts.

B.S.O. Studio Legale Associato Bartoloni Saint Omer frequently provides assistance with professional responsibility, by supporting Notaries, Accountants, Doctors and other professional categories.