We believe in Consultancy.

Consultancy can be provided for individual transactions or it may result in stable relationships set to continue and evolve over time.

The goal is to provide the Company with specific services which are like those of an Internal Law Firm, with lower costs and greater experience and quality stemming from the large number of cases and the several experts potentially involved.

The flexible organization makes Bartoloni Saint Omer capable of providing highly personalized performances as well as being brighter than its major competitors.

Providing effective Consultancy means:

  • Daily interactions with the Company
  • Offering the Company organizational and legal solutions in line with the most advanced legal and tax instruments of the specific sector to which they belong;
  • Negotiating for the Company;
  • Mediating for the Company;


  • Contribution to the development of business value, for instance by drawing up complete, targeted and updated contracts;
  • Drastic reduction of litigation costs;
  • Reporting and supporting the Company in new growth opportunities;
  • Allowing the Company to benefit from the most modern tax and legal Instruments;
  • Lastly, being the key element of its growth and its competitiveness.


B.S.O. Studio Legale Associato Bartoloni Saint Omer has also developed specialist practice areas as part of the greater activity of Business Consultancy.