In accordance with “tradition”, thinking and managing Credit Recovery is a luxury that Companies and Lawyers can no longer afford.

Credit recovery has become essential for – flourishing or less flourishing – companies. It is even more essential to develop a credit management system which, one the one hand, minimizes non-performing loans, and, on the other hand, lays the foundations for an effective coercive intervention aimed at payment.

Over the years, Bartoloni Saint Omer has been requested to conduct important consultancy interventions in the organization of credit management and recovery both in favour of companies with extremely fragmented credits for amounts and geographical distribution, and for companies with significant credits vis-à-vis public bodies and municipal companies.

In light of this particular experience, he has developed a specific Protocol aimed at developing: a thorough knowledge of the particular “credit characteristics”; an efficient and rapid credit management within the Company and in relations with the Firm; an analytical and statistical evaluation of results; an analysis of the real cost-benefit ratios for the Company.

We can state that the Protocol – where adopted – has soon represented an effective Asset of the Company and of the Company-Lawyer Relationship.