Family Law is not like other rights.
In matters of family crisis, as in the case of separation or divorce, personal dimension and economic-financial issues are intimately connected.
With that awareness, B.S.O. Studio Legale Associato Bartoloni Saint Omer is intended to be the place for listening and comparison with the aim of bringing out its Assisted Clients’ real interests and developing the most appropriate innovative technical and legal solutions, thanks to an essential multidisciplinary approach.

An intimate knowledge of family law combined with the experience gained in other specific practice areas of the Firm – as assets, real estate, tax – guarantee highly qualified consultancy and assistance with regard to the economic and fiscal issues of family crisis.
The pursuit of an alternative solution to the judicial procedure is, wherever possible, privileged, thanks to the Firm’s professionals’ expertise and experience as they have long been seriously invested in Alternative Dispute Resolutions methods (ADR), such as assisted negotiation, assistance to the Parties in mediation and, lastly, collaborative practice. (

B.S.O. Studio Legale Associato Bartoloni Saint Omer offers advice and assistance to Families in its various forms: Traditional Families, Common Law Families, Families with Homosexual Parents, Civil Unions, and Families involving International issues and Private International Law, by means of – where necessary – a selected network of law and professional firms operating in other Countries.

Advice and specific legal assistance are provided in relation to all issues concerning Minors (child support, custody, loss and limitation of parental responsibility, adoptability, national and international adoptions) and with regard to all matters related to the protection of Individuals and weaker subjects, both in terms of capacity and its limitations (special assistance, incapacitation, interdiction), and with regard to protection of assets. Particular attention is paid on the Trust legal institute, which is effectively and efficiently used in this context, also in light of the “Dopo di Noi” Law (literally, “After Us” Law).

Professional figures such as psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, family mediators, research agencies, accountants and notaries may be involved – along with lawyers – in issues concerning Families and Private Individuals. During its twenty-years-long experience, Studio Legale Associato Bartoloni Saint Omer has become a constant reference point for prestigious professional entities requiring to confront with and benefit from specialists in Family Law. Simultaneously, the Firm has been able to develop its own network of professional contacts points to be placed at the disposal of people who wish their help.