The complexity of social, economic and legal dynamics, the considerable widening of protection recognized by our Legal Order to Individuals and Families in areas that were substantially precluded in the past (Accountability of Public Administration, Medical Responsibility, Consumer Protection, endo-family damage, etc.), the dispute which is not infrequently necessary to enforce their own rights, suggests – and in some cases requires – that Individuals have recourse to the best instruments and the best assistance in order to handle litigation.

B.S.O. Studio Legale Associato Bartoloni Saint Omer handles litigation by means of highly specialised professionals, whose solid knowledge of procedural law and of the most advanced Alternative Dispute Resolutions Techniques (A.D.R.) leads to a high-profile assistance both in the pre-litigation phase and in the trial.

B.S.O. Studio Legale Bartoloni Saint Omer has always been a precursor of the logic and the techniques of conflict prevention. However, when it comes to Trial the only goal is to win without neglecting anything. In this regard, Bartoloni Saint Omer makes available a team of specialists who not only have the most in-depth knowledge of the legal issues at stake, but they are also able to ensure attention to detail at the highest level; scrupulous setting up of judicial strategies; updated and deep knowledge of the dynamics and customs of the Courts and of each judge responsible for the final decision.

Expertise, dedication, transparency and fairness in the professional relationship have ensured that in most cases the casual meeting of Individuals or Families with our Firm in relation to a specific dispute has become a lasting relationship of judicial assistance and/or consultancy.
Over the years, B.S.O. Studio Legale Bartoloni Saint Omer has dealt with delicate disputes in particular areas (plane crashes, liability actions of administrators, infringement of copyright, revocation of bankruptcy declarations), as well as the broader case series of ordinary and precautionary trials matters of its own specific competence.