Studio Legale Bartoloni Saint Omer specialises in real estate consulting services to Real Estate and Construction Firms.
Over the last 15 years, Studio Legale Bartoloni Saint Omer has assisted its Italian and foreign clients in any kind of real estate transaction.
One of the most complicated deals undertaken by Bartoloni Saint Omer was the sale in Italy to a foreign multinational company of a Property Complex with a total value of over Euros 100.000.000 held by a number of Companies subject to Insolvency proceedings.

B.S.O. Studio Legale Associato Bartoloni Saint Omer is constantly engaged in consulting services to Real Estate and Construction Firms, in the context of Trading Real Estate transactions as well as investment and development operations in residential, hotel-type tourist and agricultural structures in several Italian cities and regions.

Bartoloni Saint Omer carried out numerous consultancy and assistance interventions in deals for the purchase of Former Industrial Areas intended for Reclamation and Reconversion, where he has also taken care of profiles regarding financing and contractual arrangements with contractors and sub-contractors in – even fractionated – resale. Similarly, in the major Italian cities he undertook purchase and/or – even fractionated – resale transactions of historical and artistic property complexes subject to specific regulations and restrictions.

All the contracts related to national and international real estate law are handled by specialized lawyers.

Our tax team draws particular attention and offers innovative solutions in relation to tax issues.

Foreign investment companies are supported through a series of integrated services and a selected network of professionals engaged in related fields.